The New Father's Guide by Jay Lane

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The Perfect Gift for New Dads…

Most new fathers have no idea that they face a six-week sexual drought immediately following the birth of their children.

The New Fathers Guide is a fun (and PG-13) way to share the news. Someone has to tell them. It might as well be you.

Here’s why you should give The New Father’s Guide as a gift:

  • You don’t want him to find out the hard way (links to actual hospital release checklist).
  • It has 42 days of suggested activities to help keep him distracted. Check out a sample activity from day 21 .
  • You’ll be the envy of the baby shower because you brought the coolest gift.
  • It’s a great ice breaker. Your visit to the hospital won’t be so awkward.
  • It’s an easy read. He can read it in less than 20 minutes. That’s one trip to the bathroom. What guy doesn’t like that?
Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the book or if you are interested in purchasing multiple copies.